Edu Passion Hello! I'm back with another project, which is Video Blog Project in an event called "EduPassion 2018" in 3 Senior High School Bandung.
I will share a story about the event that held on february 2018. Before that, what is Edu Passion? Edu Passion is an event where we can know and get information about some university for after we graduate from senior high school. There are some stand for the elected person that would explain to us all about their university. There are also some comunity or education coorporation in some stands.
We were asked to make a video blog during the event.
Before I show the video, my team and I are eally sorry... There was some technical problems inside, it is caused some our videos were lost. And we couldn't get it back. But, luckily, we still have the information from the sound records. Once again... we are really sorry.

Happy Watching!!!... 👇👇👇