The Interisting Animal For Me

Peregrine Falcon

At this time, i will tell you about the interisting animal for me is peregrine falcon, as you see in the title.

COMMON NAME: Peregrine Falcon SCIENTIFIC NAME: Falco peregrinus TYPE: Birds DIET: Carnivores AVERAGE LIFE SPAN IN THE WILD: Up to 17 years SIZE: Body, 14 to 19 in; wingspan, 3.3 to 3.6 ft WEIGHT: 18.8 to 56.5 oz

ABOUT THE PEREGRINE FALCON These falcons are formidable hunters that prey on other birds (and bats) in mid-flight. Peregrines hunt from above and, after sighting their prey, drop into a steep, swift dive that can top 200 miles an hour. Habitat Peregrine falcons are among the world's most common birds of prey and live on all continents except Antarctica. They prefer wide-open spaces, and thrive near coasts where shorebirds are common, but they can be found everywhere from tundra to deserts. Peregrines are even known to live on bridges and skyscrapers in major cities. Nesting and Migration These birds may travel widely outside the nesting season—their name …

Qurtsa !!


                        In National High School 3 Bandung, there is an event that is always held every year, that is qurban,And in this year we class 10 given an opportunity to become committee of qurban in National High School 3 Bandung. we were given time for 1 month before the day of Eid al-Adha, in this committee who became the chief executor of the event is Muhammad Zidane from X MIPA 2 and I became the chamberlain.
                               And as long as we become a committee there are where we experience obstacles such as the decline of the spirit of the committee, lack of funds, and others, But but we are grateful to God because we can handle the problem, and one of the things I really love is when our committee stay at school the day before the event, at which time we calm our mind so that when the event is held we are not depressed
                        And we are given the task to name this event and then we call it Qurtsa which stands for qurban tsalatsa whi…
Farhan : Good Afternoon, Azhar

Azhar : Good Afternoon, Farhan

Farhan : How are you ?

Azhar :  Alhamdulillah I'm good

Farhan : i heard next holiday you wanna go to Bali ?? it is true ??

Azhar : mmm... How do you know that?. Yes, is it true

Farhan : of course i know it, because i'm a seer. No, i'm just kidding. i know from your girlfriend

Azhar : mmm... Yeah, i'm gonna go with my friends, but it is just a plan. I hope that's plan can occur
             How about you ?

Farhan : i' gonna visit my parents in Jakarta, and we will make a plan of our holiday if If we have                     gathered

Azhar : owh... just like that

Farhan : what are you gonna do in bali?

Azhar : surfing, diving, snorkling, cycling, and many others. How about you?

farhan : maybe in jakarta i will clean up my house, because i have moved

Azhar : ok goodbye

Farhan : goodbya

This happened when i was 6 years old. at the time, my mother was being tyreated in Bunda Hospital in Jakarta. Like most other kids i also love to play in the playground
                           it was 23.45 and the playground was close but i still wanna play in the playground so i go to the playground, from the stairs i see the playground was looks dark

How We Meet Accidently

170717/3 Senior High School

I was late. It was 06.45. Once my car reach the school gate, I hit the
ground and ran as fast as i can. But, it was too late. The school gate
was already closed 5 minutes ago. Then, I gave up. I just wait until
07.15 so the guard would open the gate.

Someone suddenly showed up. He is a boy and i think he is a first year
student too, like me. But i didn't recognize him.

Farhan : " Oh God. Please. I have a math exam at 07.00. I can't wait
until 07.15. Oh c'mon sir. Please open up the door!"

I smiled. Cause i know it won't make things better.

Jeanny : "Stop shouting. You won't make it. He would never open up the
gate before 07.15. By the way, who are you? Are you a new student

 Farhan : " Hi, I'm Farhan. Yeah, I'm new here. I'm a first year
student. What's your name?"

Jeanny : " Jeanny."

Farhan : " Just Jeanny?"

Jeanny : " No. It's Jeanny Kartika Puspa Rosewaty. Long enough, h…
Let me introduce my self !

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.  . On this occasion, allow me to make an introduction about who I am. My name is Ananda Farhan Raihandra. I am the first of two children. I was born in Jakarta, 23 juli 2002. Currently, my family and I live in  Jalan Lingkar Duren Sawit number 15, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta.
        About the hobby, I really like to swim. I like to spend my vacation in the pool with my friends.I have 1 sibling who are still in Junior High school. My sister name is Aisha Faizaty Rashifah. As a first child, I have to guide my sibling to grow well. My father works for a Producer that made him too busy, and my mother works in the same place with my father that also made her busy enough to take care of us. So, as the eldest brother, I have to keep them well.
I'm study at 3 Senior High School.The reason why I want to go to this school from the first time is because this school has enough achievement and spawned a lot of students who can continue their study i…